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350 + Tunes on this page

Jigs, Slip Jigs, Reels, Slides, Polkas, Country Dances, Hornpipes, Strathspeys, Airs

Tunes transcribed and notated by Kevin McAlea


"Sarsfeld's Flight to Dublin" mp3 from 'the Dagda's Cauldron' now playing

  1. Old Pipe On The Hob (Jig) + Uilleann pipes MP3 recording
  2. The Wind that Shakes the Barley(Reel)
  3. Breton Wedding March ( + Uilleann Pipes recording)
  4. O'Farrell's Farewell to Limerick Slip Jig
  5. The Boys Of Ireland (Slow Air) + MP3 Recording
  6. Tie the Ribbons (Reel)
  7. Gander in the Prattie Hole(Jig) + Uilleann pipes MP3 recording
  8. Hare in the Corn (Jig)
  9. the Gold Ring (Jig)
  10. the Gold Ring No. 2(Jig)
  11. The Butterfly (Slip Jig)
  12. The Sporting Boys (Reel)
  13. Dever the Dancer (Slip Jig)
  14. The Cliffs of Moher no.2 (Jig)
  15. The Cliffs of Moher no.1 (Jig)
  16. The Bucks Of Oranmore (Reel)
  17. Within a Mile of Dublin (Reel)
  18. Oh Hag You Have Killed Me (Jig)
  19. Cunla (The Frieze Breeches) (Jig)
  20. Drowsy Maggie (Reel)
  21. Down the Back Lane (Jig) + Uilleann pipes/ fiddle MP3 recording
  22. The Arran Boat (Highland Air)
  23. A Fig For A Kiss (Slip Jig)
  24. The Kesh Jig
  25. Behind the Haystack (Jig)
  26. Sweeping the Cobwebs out of the Sky (Jig)
  27. Kilmovee Jig
  28. the Dusty Miller (Single Jig)
  29. Out In The Ocean (Jig)
  30. The Spike Island Lasses (Reel)
  31. Farewell To Tarwaithie (Slow Air)
  32. Meeting of the Waters (Air)
  33. The Creel Of Turf (Jig)
  34. Geese In The Bog (Jig)
  35. The Idle Road (Jig)
  36. The Ship's In Full Sail (Jig)
  37. Kiss The Maid Behind The Bar (Reel)
  38. Give us a Drink of Water No 1 (Slip Jig)
  39. Give us a Drink of Water No 2 (Slip Jig
  40. When the Cock Crows It Is Day (Slide)
  41. When the Cock Crows It Is Day No 2 (Slide)
  42. the Cup of Tea (Reel)
  43. A Whack at the Whigs (Slip Jig)
  44. Sixpenny Money (Jig)
  45. the Longford Collector (Reel)
  46. Johnny McGreavy's (Jig)
  47. Drops of Spring Water (Slip Jig)
  48. The Donegal Reel (Or Strathspey)
  49. Brian Boro's March
  50. Michael Gormans (Waltz)
  51. Michael Gormans (Slip Jig)
  52. Navvy On The Line (Reel)
  53. East At Glendart (Jig)
  54. McKansas Glen Reel (Kevin McAlea)
  55. The Black Mountain Jig (Kevin McAlea)
  56. The Dundrod Races Fling (Kevin McAlea)
  57. Berties Curtains (Jig) (Kevin McAlea)
  58. Off To Lough Neagh (Reel) (Kevin McAlea)
  59. The Wren (Slip Jig) (Kevin McAlea)
  60. Ares Marinaris (Reel) (Kevin McAlea)
  61. Garryowen (Air/Jig)
  62. the Maid of Tramore (Jig)
  63. Coleman's Cross (Jig)
  64. La Volta (Old French Waltz)
  65. the Rambler (Jig)
  66. Lark in the Morning (jig)
  67. The Planting Stick (Jig/Set Dance)
  68. Jenny Nettles (Reel)
  69. Leave that as it is (Air)
  70. Sandy O'er the Lea (Reel)
  71. the Northern Road (Single Jig)
  72. The Malindhu Reel
  73. The Old Grey Goose (Jig)
  74. the Shaskeen Reel
  75. Dress Her Out In Fine Clothes (Slip Jig)
  76. When Sick Is It Tea That You Want (Jig)
  77. Miss Monaghan (Reel)
  78. Tiocfaidh Tu (Jig)
  79. Terry Heigh Ho the Grinder (Slip Jig)
  80. Hardiman the Fiddler (Slip Jig)
  81. Old Joe's (Jig)
  82. The Ladies of Leinster (Reel)
  83. The Road to Lisdoonvarna (Reel)
  84. Kid On The Mountain (Slip Jig)
  85. Sir Philip McHugh (Slip Jig)
  86. The Boyne Hunt (Reel)
  87. Spot the Wallop (Jig)
  88. Jackson's Bottle of Brandy (Reel)
  89. Patsy Geary's (Slide/Jig)
  90. The Leitrim Jig
  91. Cock In The Heather (Slip Jig)
  92. The Kneebuckle Jig
  93. O'Rourke's Reel
  94. Frost And Snow (Hornpipe)
  95. The Merry Soldier (Hornpipe)
  96. The Old Story Teller (Hornpipe)
  97. The Plains Of Boyle (Hornpipe)
  98. Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine (Hornpipe)
  99. Youghal Harbour Hornpipe
  100. the First of May (Hornpipe)
  101. the Queen of the Fairies (Hornpipe)
  102. Glengarrif Bay (Hornpipe)
  103. Ships Are Sailing (Hornpipe)
  104. the Stack of Wheat (Hornpipe)
  105. Where did you find her? (Hornpipe)
  106. Harvest Home (Hornpipe)
  107. The Rights Of Man (Hornpipe)
  108. Rover Through The Bog (Hornpipe)
  109. Blackberry Blossom (Hornpipe)
  110. the Ulster Hornpipe
  111. The Clareman's Hornpipe
  112. The Wexford Hornpipe
  113. The Fairies' Hornpipe
  114. The Tar Road to Sligo (Jig)
  115. Mug of Brown Ale (Jig)
  116. Craigs Reel
  117. Craig's Reel (No.2)
  118. Bimis ag ol is ag pogadh na mban (Jig)
  119. The Blarney Pilgram (Jig)
  120. the Sunny Banks (Reel)
  121. Tobin's (Jig)
  122. The Floggin' Reel
  123. The Primrose Lass (Reel)
  124. Hunting the Hare (Slip Jig)
  125. Leave My Way (Reel)
  126. The Hag With The Money (Jig)
  127. The Silver Slipper (Slide)
  128. Kitty of Oulart (Jig)
  129. Coppers and Brass (Jig)
  130. Canny Sugach (Reel)
  131. Garret Barry's (Jig)
  132. the Avonmore Reel
  133. Skiver the Quilt (Jig)
  134. Wasn't She Fond of Me (Jig)
  135. The Geese In The Bog No.2(Jig)
  136. the Old Bush (Reel)
  137. Wink And She'll Follow You (Slip Jig)
  138. The Lasses of Sligo (Slip Jig)
  139. Off She Goes (Slip Jig)
  140. Stattia Donnelly's (Jig)
  141. Pat Ward's (Reel)
  142. Rolling On The Ryegrass (Reel)
  143. Give Us Another (Reel)
  144. Dan the Cobbler (Jig)
  145. Glen Ogle (Reel)
  146. Glen Lyon (Reel)
  147. the Cutty Sark (Reel)
  148. The Green Fields of Erin (Reel)
  149. The Teetotaller Reel
  150. Jackson's Jig
  151. Biddy Of Sligo (Jig)
  152. Saddle the Pony (Jig)
  153. The Milltown Jig
  154. The Arklow Jig
  155. Jenny's Wedding (Reel)
  156. The Job of Journeywork (Set Dance)
  157. the Walls of Liscarrol (Jig)
  158. Kitty in the Lane (Reel)
  159. Banish Misfortune (Jig)
  160. Come West Along The Road (Reel)
  161. Spellan's Fiddle (Hornpipe)
  162. Bill Collin's (Jig)
  163. Touch Me If You Dare (Reel)
  164. Dublin Streets (Slip Jig)
  165. The Scattery Island Slide
  166. The Athlone Jig
  167. Billy Brocker's (Reel)
  168. Sir Roger de Coverley (Slip Jig)
  169. The Maid Of The Spinning Wheel (Jig)
  170. Pigeon On The Gate (Reel)
  171. Ballingarry (Jig)
  172. Off to California (Hornpipe)
  173. The Silver Tip (Reel)
  174. the Humors of Comer (Jig)
  175. the Sligo Maid (Reel)
  176. Cronin's Hornpipe
  177. the Salamanca Reel
  178. Grandfather's Pet (Jig)
  179. the Highlander (Jig)
  180. a Highland Pibroch
  181. the Yellow Wattle (Jig)
  182. Kitty got a Clinking(comin from the Races) (Reel)
  183. Jenny Picking Cockles (Reel)
  184. Miss Wallace (Reel)
  185. Kerry Cow Polka
  186. Tom Sullivan's (Polka)
  187. Willie's Polka
  188. Denis Murphy's (Polka)
  189. Oh Those Britches Full Of Stiches (Polka)
  190. Scarterglen (Polka)
  191. Pretty Peg (Polka)
  192. John Ryan's (Polka)
  193. Maggie in the Wood (Polka)
  194. Marie's Wedding (Polka or March)
  195. Song of the Chanter (March)
  196. the Queen's Shilling (Reel)
  197. the Kilfenora Reel
  198. Old Hag in the Kiln (Slide/Single Jig)
  199. Paddy Whack (Jig)
  200. Jerry's Beaver Hat (Jig)
  201. A Trip to the Cottage(Jig)
  202. the Flags of Dublin (Reel)
  203. Hag By The Fire (Reel)
  204. Loves Young Dream (Single Jig)
  205. Will you come down to Limerick Slip Jig
  206. Over the Bridge to Peggy Reel
  207. Turkey in the Straw Reel
  208. The Dingle Regatta (Jig)
  209. The Hileantora Kneebuckle (Reel)
  210. The Smith's a Gallant Fireman (Strathspey)
  211. The Duke Of Gordon (Strathspey)
  212. John McAlpine (Strathspey)
  213. Braes Aboon Bonaw (Strathspey)
  214. Kafoozalum (Strathspey)
  215. Cock O'Bendy (Strathspey)
  216. Stirling Castle (Strathspey)
  217. Big Kirsty (Strathspey)
  218. The Flowing Bowl (Reel)
  219. The Fermoy Lasses (Reel)
  220. My Love Is In America (Reel)
  221. The Dukes Dang Ower His Daddy (Jig)
  222. Italian Monfrina (Country Dance/Jig)
  223. Tomorrow Morning (Reel / Hornpipe)
  224. Moll Roe in the Morning (Slip Jig)
  225. Open the Door (Slip Jig)
  226. Banks of the Nile (Hornpipe)
  227. Maid Behind the Bar (Reel)
  228. Woo'd and Married and A' (Slip Jig)
  229. Carolans Draught (Planxty)
  230. Beauty in Tears (Planxty)
  231. Planxty Hewlett
  232. Planxty Mrs O'Conor
  233. Planxty O'Kelly
  234. Planxty Browne
  235. The Generous Woman (Planxty)
  236. Planxty Irwin
  237. Thomas Leixlip the Proud (Planxty)
  238. Planxty Lady Athenry
  239. The Heather Breeze Reel
  240. Roaring Jelly (Jig)
  241. The Rambling Pitchfork (Jig)
  242. Colliers Reel
  243. Tear the Calico (Reel)
  244. All The Way To Galway
  245. I Loe Na A Laddie (Jig)
  246. Con Casey's Jig
  247. Lomanach Cross (Reel)
  248. Nell Flaherty's Drake (Jig)
  249. The Woodcock (Jig)
  250. Willie Walsh's (Jig)
  251. The Carrick Races (Jig)
  252. Miss Langford (Reel)
  253. Stagger the Buck (Jig)
  254. the Wedding Reel
  255. The Snowy Breasted Pearl (Slow Air) 
  256. Baltiorum (Slip Jig)
  257. The Humours of Schull (Reel)
  258. The Humours of Derrykrosane (Slip Jig)
  259. I Have a Wife Of My Own (Slip Jig)
  260. An Gliomach (Reel)
  261. Annamaculeen (Reel)
  262. The Bashful Maid (Jig)
  263. The Cameronian Rant (Highland Reel)
  264. The Canty Old Man (Jig)
  265. The Foot Of The Mountain (Jig)
  266. The Dark Haired Youth (Highland Air)
  267. Church Hill (Jig)
  268. Girls Will You Take Him (Reel)
  269. A Hundred Pipers (March)
  270. Is The Big Man Within (Set Dance)
  271. Roll Her On The Hill (Reel)
  272. Jenny's Bawbee (Highland Reel)
  273. The Kilty Lads (Highland Air)
  274. The Bonny Banks O' Loch Lomond (Air)
  275. Mrs McLeod (Reel)
  276. Clean Pea Strae (Reel)
  277. The Lads O' Dunse (Jig)
  278. The Lisheen Reel
  279. Mil Na Maidi (Reel)
  280. I'll Neither Spin Nor Weave (Jig)
  281. The Old Brown Slipper (Slip Jig)
  282. Pay The Girl Her Fourpence (Reel)
  283. Top of the Cork Road (Jig)
  284. The Road to Glenavy (Jig)
  285. The Sailor's Wife (Jig)
  286. Spatter The Dew (Slip Jig)
  287. Spatter The Dew No.2 (Slip Jig)
  288. The Swallow's Tail (Reel)
  289. Tabhair Domh Do Lamh (Waltz)
  290. Top it Off (Slip Jig)
  291. Toss the Feathers (Reel)
  292. Roudledum (Slip Jig)
  293. Old Woman Lamenting her Purse (Jig)
  294. The Whinny Hills Of Leitrim (Slip Jig)
  295. Scotch Mary (Irish Molly) (Reel)
  296. Tatter Jack Walsh (Jig)
  297. Down By The Salley Gardens (Key G) (Air)
  298. Down By The Sally Gardens (Key D) (Air)
  299. An Dro (Breton)
  300. Fraher's Jig
  301. The Donnybrook Fair (Jig)
  302. Lucky In Love (Reel)
  303. Mist Covered mountain (Jig)
  304. Piper In The Meadow Straying (Jig)
  305. The Gobbie O (Jig)
  306. The Peeler's Jacket (Jig)
  307. What Would You Do If The Kettle Boiled Over? (Jig)
  308. The Morning Star (Reel)
  309. Johnny O'Shea (Slip Jig)
  310. Jack On The Green (Slip Jig)
  311. Come Upstairs With Me (Slip Jig)
  312. The First Slip (Slip Jig)
  313. Don't Leave Me Alone (Slip Jig)
  314. Biddy From Limerick (Slip Jig)
  315. My Mind Will Never Be Easy (Slip Jig)
  316. I'm The Boy For Bewitching Them (Slip Jig)
  317. A Bunch Of Hawes (Slip Jig)
  318. The Irish Girl (Slip Jig)
  319. Drops Of Brandy (Slip Jig)
  320. The Humours Of Kilkenny (Slip Jig)
  321. The Grumbling Rustic (Jig)
  322. Larry O'Gaff (Jig)
  323. Shuffle The Cards (Reel)
  324. The Burren Reel
  325. The Burren Reel No.2
  326. London Lasses (Reel)
  327. The Jolly Banger (Reel)
  328. Dargasson (Country Dance)
  329. Gossip Joan (Country Dance)
  330. John Of Paris (Country Dance)
  331. The Milk Maid's Bobb (Country Dance)
  332. My Heather Hills (Country Dance/Reel)
  333. Paul's Wharfe (Country Dance)
  334. The Haymakers (Country Dance)
  335. Petticoat Loose (Country Dance)
  336. Red Stockings (Jig)
  337. Rolling in the Dew (Country Dance)
  338. Moll In The Wad (Country Dance)
  339. A Visit To Ireland (Jig)
  340. Peggy On The Settle (Reel)
  341. I Do Not Incline (Jig)
  342. The Eaves Dropper (Jig)
  343. Girls Of Bainbridge (Jig)
  344. Merrily Kissed The Quaker (Jig)
  345. Money In Both Pockets (Jig)
  346. The Dusty Miller (Slip Jig)
  347. The Hills Of Glenorchy (Jig)
  348. The Shetland Fiddler/The Hawk (Reel/Hornpipe)
  349. I'm Waiting For You (Reel)
  350. Staten Island /Burns (Hornpipe)
  351. The Barony Jig (Slip Jig)
  352. The Dagda's Cauldron (Slip Jig)... Kevin McAlea
  353. Thrush In The Meadow/ Paddy Clancy's (Jig)
  354. the Keel Row (Polka)
  355. Antrim Lasses (Jig)
  356. Cooley's Reel
  357. Carrick Fergus (Country Dance)
  358. When The Boat Comes In (Waltz)

This is a collection of 350 + traditional tunes. Types of tunes are the jig , slip jig, slide, reel, slow air, pibroch, strathspey, highland fling, planxty, hornpipe, march, wedding march.

If you are looking for books of tunes then any of the O'Neill books are a good start. However there is no substitute for listening . There are many ways to play a traditional tune, especially in the Irish style. Scottish style is more formalised due to the influence of competitions and classical music. Cape Breton style is closer to Scottish than Irish and the ornaments as used in Irish style are not used . Cape Breton fiddlers use vibrato which is avoided in Irish traditional music. Some of the ornaments (especially for Uilleann pipes) cannot be written down using conventional notation. The notes of an 'Irish Roll' are the same as the 'Turn' in classical music. The effect of the roll however is different, and sounds nothing like a turn. These ornaments can be difficult to learn, but are essential to the sound and must be mastered. The main ornaments are the ROLLS (various types) and the CRAN (piping) as well as many GRACENOTE types. The effect of these is sometimes the sound of notes being percussed by the previous note, which demands great accuracy to achieve the effect. As stated above, these ornaments cannot be musically notated using classical notation and must be learned from other players. So what you see written is often only a rough guide as to how it actually sounds and sometimes no guide at all! At first reading,the tunes look simple enough, but acquiring the skill to execute them in the traditional style is not so simple. You can replace a roll or cran in several ways. For example an A roll can be replaced with the three quaver notes A,B,A or A,A,A or whatever sounds good. Traditional Irish music was handed down orally for centuries and the attempt to collect and notate them is a fairly recent occurance (18th century). The Slow Airs generally are not in any strict time , that being up to the performer's discretion or mood at the time. Hornpipes are written with even quavers but played in a dotted rhythm . A similar convention is also encountered in jazz music.

Tunes transcribed and notated by Kevin McAlea