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Celtic Orbis mp3

recommended listening

Liam O'Flynn : The Given Note.

Outstanding tracks.' O'Farrell's Farewell to Limerick'.......'Joyce's Tune'.All Liam's work is of the highest calibre.His style is measured and precise with great feel.Liam is the piper on the classic Planxty albums .There are several O'Flynn albums available.Arty McGlynn's contributions on guitar on Liam's albums are always essential listening for wouldbe guitarists in the genre.He is one of the very few who have managed to integrate that instrument with success .KOP

Finbar Furey:Tomorrow We Part:

Finbar on Pipes.Sublime piping on this album.Bob Stewart on psaltery,cittern and guitar.A superb album full of exquisite renditions.the slow air'Anach Chuin' , 'the Old Pipe on the Hob' jig ,the reel 'Kiss the Maid Behind the Bar'. .Finbar and Bob create some unique settings for the tunes .Difficult to find this ,but other Finbar Furey albums are available.

Tommy Keane : the Piper's Apron.

Great whistle on 'Boys of the 25'....and he plays the less well known alt. version of 'the Gold Ring'.

Paddy Keenan : Na Keen Affair:Poirt An Phiobaire:

Another contender for the King of the Pipers crown!With Arty McGlynn .Paddy is a superb piper and essential listening for pipers everywhere.

Willie Clancy the Minstrel from Clare

:'Spailpin A Ruin' ,a beautiful air from the Minstrel from Clare.One of the last great Minstrels.His Waterford gaeltacht legacy survives through the Willie Clancy summer school.

Leo Rowsome :King of the Pipers

Teacher of some of today's great players.Also a great Pipe maker.

Davy Spillane:Pipedreams.

Outstanding track..'Midnight Walker',a wonderful Air.Davy uses some contemporary settings for the tunes.Great sounding pipes.(He makes them !).

Matt Molloy : Shadows on Stone

.the best Irish Flute player you will hear.Makes a magical sound.The slip jig 'A Fig For A Kiss' is a fine example of a simple tune rendered sublime in the hands of an artist.

Seamus Ennis : the Bonny Bunch of Roses:the Pure Drop:

Towering figure in the 20th Century for his work in many fields of traditional music,minstrel piper,tune collector,storyteller.

The Bothy Band.Old Hag You Have Killed Me :1975:

These two albums contain some of the best work ever recorded in Irish music,at a time when traditional music everywhere was buckling under the onslaught of rock/pop music..

Planxty : After the Break : The Well Below the Valley.

Andy Irvine,Liam O'Flynn,Donal Lunny,Mat Molloy,Christy Moore!Enough said.

Various Cape Breton Artists : Fire in the Kitchen.

Paddy Moloney involved.Some great performances from various Cape Breton artists.

Celtic Orbis