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Now Playing-- "The Red Branch"  ©   Pipes & track by Kevin McAlea  

uilleann pipers

uilleann piper, National gallery of Ireland

The Blind Piper : J P Haverty (1794-1864). This is in the National Gallery of Ireland (Dublin)

piping boy

The Piping Boy : Nathaniel Hone (1718-1784). This is in the National Gallery of Ireland

Seamus Ennis,
            Uilleann piper

Seamus Ennis being recorded by Jean Ritchie, winter 1952-53.

(Photo courtesy of James Hardiman Library, NUI, Galway. From the Ritchie-Pickow collection. ©NUIG)

John Wayland, Uilleann

John Wayland, founder of the Cork Piper's Club 1898

Mollie Morrissey Al Purcell
Mollie Morrissey c.1905 Al Purcell in 1938

Willie Clark, uilleann

Willie Clark

Denis Delaney,
          uilleann piper

Denis Delaney

John Rowsome,
            uilleann piper

John Rowsome

Sharkey, Ennis and Ward, uilleann pipers

James Ennis here is the father of Seamus.

Bernard Delaney

Bernard Delaney c. 1900

John Flanagan

John Flanagan c. 1870

William Carolan

Willian Carolan c. 1900

Samuel Rowsome, uilleann piper

Samuel Rowsome b.1895

Prof Denis O'Leary,
          uilleann piper

Prof.Denis O'Leary c.1910

uilleann piper,
          Celtic Orbis

Patrick Galvin_Uilleann Piper

Patrick Galvin - circa 1910