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The Ineluctable Modality 

He Said
"The ineluctable modality of the visible
At least that if no more
Thought through my eyes
Introibo ad altare Dei
" (James Joyce)
Along Sandymount strand we dandered
To the Martello tower we went
Saecula Seculorum.
There he stood in all his ineluctable indestructible sodality
The buck solid certainty of it all
Towering,  glowering,  shaver and mirror crossed
(He Said)
Come up, come up you fearful Jesuit.
He said
Who said? He Said
James who?
James Joyce
Rejoice, rejoice
He said
Too late too late will be the cry
When the man with the cheap rope passes by.
Saecula Seculorum, Saecula Seculorum
See the visibility of the ineluctable modality
Plain to see
The inescapable sodality of the audible
Now the dead can hear it
A sailor's cry
The nearing tide
Rusty boot
Das boot
I hear it
Crunch crunch underfoot
I hear it I hear it
At Sandymount.
Across four rivers to Glasnevin
Finality assured
Boxed, sealed, delivered
Signed for, prayed for, prayed over and
Outside the barleycorn golding in the lowing summer sun.
Again and again
Heavenly odours, terrible, thurible
Brass barque of Peter
Shake it,  shake it
Purify and stupify
Eyes drawn high to glass and lead
Dreams were dreamt in marble halls
 It all comes to this?
Petering patering
Sixteen hooves a-clattering
Peter pader consubstantial with the patris
And the filii and the spiritu sanctis
Eyes closed for the transubstantiated mien host
Bells a ringing kryie eleison
That's it done and dusted
The hurt blessed
The blesse hurt
Asses to ashes
Must to dust
Dusty musty
No mercy here
Misereri nobis all you like
The gods are deaf
No room for heirs here
Flowers in bloom
Flowers in flowers out
Blumen flowers
Flowers and tears
Petals pleura
Pitter patter Peter Pater.
Who is the man in the macintosh?
The mystery man
A banshee's man
A mantree miss
Mister man 
Liturgical surgical
Father, doctor,
Sullivan- the one eye hawk eye
Run run
Winged biscuit tin
Missa missal missile
Thank God for Cunningham
Give the man his due.
Catechisms out
Trinity in one paragraph
Now there's a job for a Jesuit
Faith hope and charity
Kyrie Eleison thrice t
hree bells
The tris legomenon
If that's all you heard
You were there.
Whackety whack goes wee Doc
He said
Too late too late will be the cry
When the man with the cheap rope passes by.
He said
The ineluctable modality of the visible
Is the inescapable sodality of the audible
Per ipsum et cum ipso et in ipso.

saecula saeculorum..

lyric by Kevin McAlea

Composed & recorded by Kevin McAlea

Copyright ...... K.McAlea 2012